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Hie thee over to  This site is obsolete and going away soon.

Some day I may update this site; there's not much here at the moment.  You can go Check Your IP, if you want..  Or you can go look at some of the other sites (below) I've either designed or otherwise been involved with.   I am not particularly interested in personal blogs, so I loaded my old one up with cat pictures and promptly never posted again.  I recently launched  So pretty soon I'll be redirecting this one over there..  You can also read my no fail can't miss how to roast a turkey page.  I'm one of the few people I know who can be found in the top spot on Google for a one word search.  For some reason, people seem to want to look at pictures of my car, even though I've long ago sold it.  It's just an old Saturn.  My new car is much cooler.  If you're wonding about my avatar, it's Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy; she is my hero. I also have a MySpace page, and a Facebook page I can't figure out how to use.  And, I'm a Google Qualified Advertising Professional.  (No, I'm no longer AdWords Certified.  You can find out why by clicking on that link.)

I wrote a lengthy review of the Premise Landing Pages software. If that's something you need to do, you should take a look at it. Saved my bacon.

You can follow me on Twitter if you want.  But I tweet a *lot*, and I'm not always polite.  I'm usually ranked fairly highly in the *world* for cursing on Twitter.  So if that bothers you, don't follow me.  I'm unlikely to change.

One of my primary hobbies/sites is; it gets 70,000 visits per day in the summer, and I've worked on several hundred business and ecommerce websites for my company of which I am President and Partner, although my particular specialty these days has to do with search engine positioning and marketing; I don't usually advertise it as I've got too much on my plate as it is.  For the past ten years we've done web design, web hosting, database applications, inventory control (bar code) applications and almost anything else we can persuade people to pay us for. We've rarely had time to update on our own website in almost ten years, but here it is.  I'm also something of a photographer, on a strictly amateur basis.  I take a lot of photos of Detroit rock bands; there's a lot of my band photos floating around on the net on various band websites.  Some day I'll put those up too. I'm an old time punk rocker.

That's all.

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